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Anchorage Distillery

A Vodka from Alaska Worth Noting . . . Where It’s Made

Review by Andrew Johnson

On my vacation to beautiful Alaska, I spent several days in the charming city of Anchorage. While there, I decided to go with my wife and daughter to a relatively new distillery where the vodka is made using the ten thousand year old water from glaciers . The Anchorage Distillery was indeed a fascinating experience. Taking us through the tour of the facilities was Scott Lindquest, the person in charge of the distillery’s operation. This man was originally a fisherman and now is an ice harvester. He goes by boat to floating glaciers and gets ice chunks that are used for the manufacture of the liquor. Cordial, informative, and a pleasure to listen to, he is very enthusiastic and proud of the products this distillery uses with all the ingredients 100% Alaskan. Please note that tours are usually given only at 6pm so make reservations early. Also Anchorage has anti-make-your-own-Alcohol laws: so, you can only have two drinks here

Our hostess was cordial and friendly, and very knowledgeable about all the distillery’s products. I tasted three of the vodkas made.

The Party Room at Anchorage Distillery

The first was Glacier Melt made from 100% barley, quite good and comparable to some of the fine vodkas I’ve had.

The second, Benefactor Vodka, using only local matanuska wheat, has on the bottle a pink ribbon etched in the glass: all sales profits donated to Alaskan charities supporting those affected by cancer. Bravo!

The third labeled Ghost Pepper Vodka had the steam come out of my ears with the hot spices used in its manufacture. This one is good for a Bloody Mary when one wants the ultimate in strength. My favorite was the grain-cancer donation vodka for its ever fine taste and smoothness.

Scott Lindquist in one of the distillery areas.

Mr. Lindquest actually gave us a piece of the glacier he had recently harvested to take back to the hotel to taste what pure water frozen those many years tastes like. The trip to this distillery was most satisfying bestowing knowledge about these particular products I had never known.

As stated on papers given to me: “Anchorage Distillery is a true craft distillery with award winning spirits located right here in the heart of Alaska’s biggest city. In an industry where it’s ok to keep ingredients hidden, we prefer transparency. Using 100% locally sourced grains and some of the purist water in the world, you will surely taste the superiority that comes from all natural ingredients. The Bavarian tanks and Arnold Holstein stills make us one of the largest facilities on the West Coast. A visit to this distillery lets one see the grain to bottle process.”

The main distillery in operation.

The distillery also makes flavored vodkas in addition to Aurora Borealis Gin and Arctic Ice Moonshine Whiskey.
There is a tasting room on the premises for weekly tours with the space rented out at other times.
Truly, the Anchorage Distillery was something different to see in the vast panorama Alaska has to behold.

The many varieties of vodka produced by Anchorage Distillery.

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