Awesome Tales #1
Bold Venture Press

reviewed by Mark Talbot

A nifty little chiller of a short story, The Warlock Murders is the third of three, appears in a new pulp story publication, Awesome Tales, a throwback to the pulp fiction magazines of the thirties and early forties, but featuring new stories by new authors who bring back the thrill of pulp melodrama.. Written by R. Allen Leider, author of the Wicca Girl novels and editor of the Hellfire Lounge anthologies, “The Warlock Murders” involves Druscilla Marie d’Lambert, aka Wicca Girl, who was trained by the Prince of Darkness himself and is alive these 900 years. She’s truly seen and done it all and currently is the only supernatural agent for Britain's MI-6.

Now working for Scotland Yard on loan from MI-6, this do-gooder from Hell is made aware of an unearthly serial killer who through many ages has ritually killed a vast number of young women. Baffled by the supernatural aspects of the crimes, Scotland yard petitions MI-6 head MacKenzie to lend them their best agent for the job. Then, in walks Druscilla ionj her red leather suit and flashing the magic ring Satan ( AKA Nick Nussbaum) has given her. This thriller is nicely written and an interesting tale with this anti-heroine of sorts eventually facing off with a rogue demon hellbent on a nefarious goal. In premier issue of this soft-cover publication, it’s the story I liked best.

The first tale featuring the classic Domino Lady is a collaboration by Rich Harvey and R. Allen Leider, takes us and Wicca Girl back to World War II with London in the 1940's being threatened by supernatural Druid forces having a Nazi connection. Teaming with The Domino Lady, an alluring and statuesque vigilante heroine from classic pulp fiction days, there is the search for stolen art which the Nazis have stolen and hidden from those who have fled leaving all their possessions behind and many museums they plundered. Then, we have fantastic acts of witchcraft and sorcery, transport of individuals from place to place, and even Hitler himself allying himself with Druscilla's archenemey Jocelyn Von Hagen, the 900 year old former mistress of Satan. Saving the British Empire from the grips of Hellish forces out to take the throne of England is just one of the major problem of the day. Well written with most descriptive blood and gore abounding and a tiny bit of naughtyness, this is indeed in the style of pulp fiction of old which my father introduced me to in the forties, though I preferred the multiple dime comic books with their many titles, characters, and varied publications. This longest of the three stories, “Pretenders to the Throne,” did hold my interest, though I thought the third (reviewed here first) caught my interest just a bit more.

NOTE: The sequel to this adventure will be in a forthcomming BOND 007 novella from the same authors and April Moon Books in 2016.

Finally, “Seven Pictures” by Jean Marie Ward is bookended between the other two aforementioned tales. It concerns itself with women’s wrath: a supervisor and her underling in a government office where meanness prevails and one must pull out all the stops, so to speak, to survive seemingly unjust decisions.

Awesome Tales should satisfy the reader for this type of popular literature. All told, well done and available from or directly from

Never Too Old for Romance

by Barbara J. Peters

from BJP Counseling LLC

The novel follows one woman’s quest to rediscover herself in ways she had forgotten existed. My hope is that the story will be an inspiration for others to achieve romantic love and fulfillment. This book is about confidence, taking risks, and making good use all of the 1,440 minutes of each day. Although this book is geared more toward women, men can be in this same position. The character of Melanie thorugh verious amourous adventures is able to finally see things in her life and was brought to the realization that she was not to old for romance.It is so easy to judge someone having an affair when you don't know all the facts Never Too Old for Romance is a story that today's readers can relate to. Social Media is bringing lovers back together and "Never Too Old for Romance" is a refreshing with a realistic plot, solid characters and makes for a entertaining read! A well written summer read or curled up by a winter's fire, this book is a keeper

The hero is a very successful lawyer in Calif. She is a nurse in Florida. They went to high school together. He knew her and had a big crush, she didn't remember him but they started emailing in anticipation of the upcoming reunion. Both very unhappy in their marriages and wondering what was out there for them, at 66 years old. Things spark and he is having a life long dream come true by being with her, she is feeling loved, etc. for the first time in a long time and the story goes from there. They go thru some very real thoughts, experiences, etc. and have to make some hard choices.

Melanie a 66 y.o. married woman was living her life much as a plane in a holding pattern: circling the sky but unable to land. She had a good job, a husband and a beautiful home, blessed with wonderful children and the ability to do most things she wanted. But there was a big void: love, romance and connection. Until one day a Facebook message from an old high school classmate came across her monitor. Her life changed on a dime, only she didn’t know it then, taking her down a path of love, romance, pain, confusion and then a miraculous transformation.

It’s never too late to believe in yourself enough to roll the dice one more time…but at what price?
The novel follows one woman’s quest to rediscover herself in ways she had forgotten existed. My hope is that the story will be an inspiration for others to achieve romantic love and fulfillment. This book is about confidence, taking risks, and making good use all of the 1,440 minutes of each day.


Barbara J. Peters


"We are all works in progress, like an unfinished novel. I help people realize they have the ability to take authorship of their lives....Because the best parts are the ones they haven't written yet."

Barbara Peters is a gifted communicator with a laser beam ability to cut through the tangle of personal drama to get results and relationships that last a lifetime. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, her counseling style is interactive, respectful, non-judgmental, and supportive. "A large part of my practice is dedicated to working with couples. In my experience, most relationships can be saved, but romantic relationships are always evolving, so they need to be worked on constantly. You need to do that with the right tools."

Chasing the Trickster is a uniquely original horror/fantasy tale combining the mythologies of the Southwestern United States and Central Europe. It's crafted wityh believable characters that you actually care about. Aprtil Grey came up with a great idea, to take an old European Pagan minor god made christian serf who finds himself in the New World and exercises his considerable power with surprising results.

The book advertizes - One Man, Two Women, Two Gods...who will survive the Trickster's snare? Ghostly images materialize in Nina Weaver's photos. Goons try to kidnap her. When her photographs are stolen and her best friend is shot, she realizes that she has no one to turn to but her ex-lover, Pascal "Goofy" Guzman. Together they go on a desperate road trip in search of answers. The truth is darker and more terrifying than Nina could ever have imagined. After their love re-ignites, they fall into the Trickster God's trap.

And it delivers over and over on that hype. Grey keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Chasing the Trickster has a lot of twists that just keep your head spinning from front cover to back cover. Grey keeps you on the edge of your seat and takes you on a real wild ride right up until the end. You think you know what is going on, then you turn the corner and WHAM!


April Grey writes urban fantasy novels such as Chasing the Trickster and St. Nick's Favor. Fingering Perdita is her most recent novel soon to be published by Damnation Books. Her short stories have been published in such print anthologies as Demonmind's Halloween 2010, The Best of Everyday Fiction 2, Northern Haunts, Ephemera, Love Hurts and Terrible Beauty, Fearful Symmetry. Her work also can be found in many of Rayne Hall's Ten Tales anthologies. Her collected short stories can be found in The Fairy Cake Bake Shoppe and I'll Love You Forever. She is the editor of the anthology Hell's Garden: Bad, Mad and Ghostly Gardeners. She and her family live in Hell's Kitchen, NYC in a building next to a bedeviled garden. Gremlins, sprites or pixies, something mischievous, lurks therein. Someday she'll find out.


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