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February 17th, 2017

x"The Great Wall"

Amazing art direction andecial effects make you forget the cliched plotline you;ve seen a dozen times before and the almost video game-like progression of the action. In this action-fantasy epic set in 11th century China, in the time of the Song dynasty during the reign of the Renzong Emperor, William and Tovar, two mercenaries from the West (Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal) who have come to China in searchof the legendary black powder weapons are captured by a secret military organization called The Nameless Order, that are headquartered in a fortress on the mysterious Great Wall.of China which took 1700 years to build and is 5500 miles long.

The mystery around the construction of the Great Wall of China is slowly revealed to the merchants as the duo get caught up in a battle between the Chinese warriors and the Tao Tei, viscious, voracious flesh eating beasts spawned form a greenmeteor hundreds of years earlier. They come to ravage the contryside every sixrty years and the wall was built to keep them out. Butnow they have grown strong innumbers and have learned out to breach the wall..soon the cappitol city and the Emperor will be in jeopardy

Stars: Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, Jing Tian, Andy Lau, Zhang Hanyu, Willem Dafoe, and Eddie Peng
Directed by Zhang Yimou
Screenplay Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro
Released by Universal Pictures

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"Kong: Skull Island"

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"Alien: Covenant"

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"Fate of the Furious"




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