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August 10, 2018

x"The MEG"..

A deep-sea submersible—part of an international undersea observation program—has been attacked by a massive creature, previously thought to be extinct, and now lies disabled at the bottom of the deepest trench in the Pacific…with its crew trapped inside. With time running out, expert deep sea rescue diver Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) is recruited by a visionary Chinese oceanographer (Winston Chao), against the wishes of his daughter Suyin (Li Bingbing), to save the crew—and the ocean itself—from this unstoppable threat: a pre-historic 75-foot-long shark known as the Megalodon.

What no one could have imagined is that, years before, Taylor had encountered this same terrifying creature. Now, teamed with Suyin, he must confront his fears and risk his own life to save everyone trapped below

The Players: Jason Statham, Bingbing Li, Rainn Wilson Winston Chao

Directed by Jon Turtletaub
Screenplay by Dean Georgaris and Jon Hoeber
Released by

x"The Spy Who Dumped Me"..

Fast-paced action-comedy packed with cliches that work - car chases. shootouts, gorgeously photographed European cityscapes and lots of Millenium-friendly talent. And the benefit of being a rare girl-girl buddy film. Kunjis plays straight and McKinnon does the schtick wonderfully.

The Spy Who Dumped Me tells the story of Audrey ( Mila Kunis) a complacent store worker hung up on her inability to finish anything, and Morgan (Kate McKinnon), two best friends who unwittingly become entangled in an international conspiracy when one of the women discovers the boyfriend Drew (Justin Theroux), an ex-CIA agent who dumped her was actually a spy.

He leaves Audrey to protect her whenhis life is in danger, then turns on her when she proves she can handle the spy world.This results inthe girlfriends becoming embroiled in an international spying escapade in Europe carrying out Drew's instructions to deliver an important fantasy football trophy to Vienna. The fumb;ling spies manage to escape many hazardous situations and triumph inthe end - or is it - does a sequel loom? But there is one thingfor sure, McKinnon steals the show.

The Players: MIKla Kunis Katye McKinnon Justin Theroux, Blanka Györfi-Tóth, Vilma Szécsi |

Directed by Sussana Fogel
Screenplay by Susanna Fogel, David Iserson
Released by


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